County Geologic Atlases (Part B - Groundwater)

Project Overview

DNR works with the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) to develop County Geologic Atlases to convey geologic and hydrogeologic information and interpretations to government units at all levels, but particularly to local governments. The MGS focuses on geology (Part A reports) and DNR focuses on groundwater (Part B reports).

These studies provide information about the region’s geology and groundwater’s presence, direction of flow, natural quality, age, and pollution sensitivity. This information is used in planning and environmental protection efforts. Source water protection and well sealing programs are examples of local programs that need geologic and groundwater information. Other typical uses include providing information for permit applications, resource management, monitoring needs, and emergency response to contaminant releases.

Clean Water funding is used to improve the quality of County Geologic Atlases by collecting additional subsurface geologic samples, expanding the number of sites sampled for water chemistry, starting the process of installing a research well to collect stratified groundwater data from multiple aquifers, and purchasing and repairing equipment.