Groundwater Management Areas

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Clean Water Fund
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Inventory, Modeling, Education/Outreach/Engagement, Demonstration/Pilot Project, Assessment/Evaluation, Technical Assistance, Planning, Mapping, Analysis/Interpretation
In Progress
Start Date: 
July 2013

Project Details by Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year(s): 
Legal Citation / Subdivision: 
M.L. 2013, Chp. 137, Art. 2, Sec. 6(j)
Appropriation Language 
$3,000,000 the first year is for beginning to develop and designate groundwater management areas under Minnesota Statutes, section 103G.287, subdivision 4. The commissioner, in consultation with the commissioners of the Pollution Control Agency, health, and agriculture, shall establish a uniform statewide hydrogeologic mapping system that will include designated groundwater management areas. The mapping system must include wellhead protection areas, special well construction areas, groundwater provinces, groundwater recharge areas, and other designated or geographical areas related to groundwater. This mapping system shall be used to implement all groundwater-related laws and for reporting and evaluations. This appropriation is available until June 30, 2017.
Fiscal Year Funding Amount: 
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s) 
The DNR is leading year-long effort in three proposed Groundwater Management Areas: the North and East Metro GWMA, the Bonanza Valley GWMA, and the Straight River GWMA. A series of stakeholder meetings will be held and Preliminary Assessment Reports will be completed for all three GWMAs.

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
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