Valley Creek Protection Partnership

Project Overview

Conservation Easement Acquisition: The Minnesota Land Trust completed 2 conservation easements along Valley Creek that permanently protected 66 acres of important habitat including prairie, grasslands, mixed hardwood forest, floodplain forest, wetlands and 6,681 feet of shoreline (including 2,822 linear feet along Valley Creek). Purchase of these easements leveraged $679,500 through a grant from the Doris Duke Foundation through the Conservation Fund, a CPL grant to Washington County, donated easement value by a landowner, and funding from the Belwin Conservancy. In addition, the Minnesota Land Trust provided $24,300 in funding to cover the long term stewardship and enforcement costs on the Daley parcel and personnel costs attributed to the projects. The Minnesota Land Trust is responsible for annual monitoring and enforcement of the two conservation easements in perpetuity.

Fee Title Acquisition: Belwin Conservancy acquired - as leverage to the grant - the underlying fee interest in 17 acres of land permanently protected with a conservation easement held by the Minnesota Land Trust (see Johnson parcel above). This parcel provides for public angling access and includes grasslands, mixed hardwood forest, floodplain forest, wetlands and 741 linear feet of shoreline. No OHF funds were used for this fee title acquisition.

Restoration and Enhancement of In-Stream and Upland Habitat: Belwin Conservancy completed restoration on 124 acres of prairie and upland habitat owned by Belwin. In-stream habitat was not completed due to Trout Unlimited requirement of public angling access. Public angling access was accomplished through this grant on a parcel that did not require in-stream enhancements.